Display JVM heap details using rJava and R

I finished the first full flow that pulls data from the JVM using JMX and dynamically updates a graph in a browser. I use rJava as the layer between R and Java. I code many lines of java, of course, using jdk 8.

realtimeyoungdata <- function(){
  realtimeyoungdataobserver <- .jnew("com/rxjava/jmx/YoungGenPeriodicObserver")
  occupancy <- .jcall(realtimeyoungdataobserver ,"Lcom/rxjava/jmx/YoungGenOccupancy;","getOccupancy")
  used <- occupancy$getUsed()
  max <- occupancy$getMax()
  print(paste("User[", used,"] Max [", max,"]"))
  result <- c(used, max) 

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