DGIM Algorithm

I think I understood the basic Datar-Gionis-Indyk-Motwani Algorithm which is explained in the book “Mining of massive datasets” by Jure Leskovec(Stanford Univ.),Anand Rajaraman(Milliway Labs) and Jeffrey D. Ullman(Stanford Univ.)

I will add more details later but the diagram below explains it. I used Tikz to draw this picture. I will check-in the tikz code to my github and post the link.

Update: https://github.com/mohanr/tikz/blob/master/dgim

Suppose we are using the DGIM algorithm of Section 4.6.2 to estimate the number of 1's in suffixes of a sliding window of length 40. The current timestamp is 100.
Note: we are showing timestamps as absolute values, rather than modulo the window size, as DGIM would do.
Suppose that at times 101 through 105, 1's appear in the stream. Compute the set of buckets that would exist in the system at time 105.