IntelliJ IDEA anonymous class as Java 8 lambda

I recently started coding lambdas. This is partly to prevent my Java skills from getting rusted.

I found that IntelliJ IDEA has this interesting feature that allows an inner class to be shown as a lambda.

 public class Employee {

           public Employee( String name,int age){
               this.age = age;}

           interface CheckAge {boolean test(Employee p);
                 int age;
                 public int getAge() {
                       return 36;
           static void printEmployees( List<Employee> m, CheckAge ca ){
             for( Employee m1 : m ){
                System.out.println( ca.test( m1 ));

           public static void main( String... argv ){

                List<Employee> employees= new ArrayList<Employee>();

                employees.add( new Employee( "Test", 29));

                printEmployees( employees,new CheckAge() {
                     public boolean test(Employee p) {
                         return p.getAge() >= 18;
                                  p.getAge() <= 35;}


The printEmployees method has an anonymous inner class and the screenshot shows
IntelliJ IDEA’s interpretation.

The product company I am working for is very far behind this type of technology curve and only technology evangelism might help.

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