Wicked problems

The project management that is widely prevalent in IT firms in my region is simple but extremely, uncontrollably and irretrievably messy. Why is it simple ? It is simple because it is equated with people management which is a social factor. So the technical complexities like WBS, resource loading and leveling, establishment of soft and hard constraints, float analysis, Confidence Intervals etc. are coolly swept under the carpet and the whole structure is transformed into an endless series of meetings, mails and intractable egoistic problems that defy solutions.

Project management is a ‘Wicked problem’  – such as it is. Now its transmutation into people issues makes it a bewildering array of wickedness. So now even projects executed on a smaller scale are not tame problems at all .

We need to read and understand its morphology. The criteria mentioned by this Swedish Morphological Society applies to this type of project management.

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