Weaving java.util.concurrent API using AspectJ

I stopped using AspectJ long back because we were not really coding aspects because it required an enormous amount of effort to train others. But recently I wrote this to weave into java.util.concurrent libraries to try to explore how the ForkJoin library works. Even though the code works I thought it is not a recommended way to weave into libraries dealing with concurrency written by experts. I pulled  the source and created a custom JAR and used -Xbootclasspath to make it work.


public class ForkJoinProjector {

    @Pointcut( "execution ( int java.util.concurrent.ForkJoinPool.registerWorker(java.util.concurrent.ForkJoinWorkerThread)) &&" +
			                " args(thread) &&" +
			                " target(pool)" )
    public void buildQueues( ForkJoinWorkerThread thread,
	                     ForkJoinPool pool){}
    @After("buildQueues( thread,pool)")
    public void build( ForkJoinWorkerThread thread,
    		           ForkJoinPool pool ) {
    	System.out.println( "ID " + thread.getId() + " Name " + thread.getName() );


The Alan Turing Year


I am watching the UEFA match between Poland and Greece and ruing the lack of professional ethics in the project management community and the great divide that exists between them and the technical team and I came across The Alan Turing Year. There is a flood of information here.