Python vs Java Streams and lambda

I ported the first facebook Qualification Round Solution to Java 8.

The main idea is to count the frequency of each letter, then assign the value 26 to the most frequent letter, 25 to the next, etc. If two letters are tied for most frequent, it doesn’t matter which of them gets which value, since the sum will be the same. The python code below explains the solution pretty well.

I haven’t thoroughly checked for bugs but this is almost as beautiful as Python. Java is more verbose though.
I haven’t tested it thoroughly though.

import java.util.Map;
import java.util.TreeMap;

public class WordCount {
	public int x = 26;

	public static void main(String... argv){
		WordCount wc = new WordCount();

	private void count() {

		String s  = "__mainn__".replaceAll("[^a-z\\s]", "");


        final Map<Character, Integer> count = s.chars().
                collect(TreeMap::new, (m, c) -> m.merge((char) c, 1, Integer::sum), Map::putAll);
        	sorted((l, r) -> r.getValue().compareTo(l.getValue())).
        		forEach(e -> count.merge(e.getKey(), x--, Math::multiplyExact));
                //Stop when x == 0.Not tested
        System.out.println(count.entrySet().stream().mapToDouble(e -> e.getValue()).sum());
	//Treating these numbers as double to sum them. Doesn't seem to matter.	
{a=25, i=24, m=23, n=52}

5 Responses to Python vs Java Streams and lambda

  1. Simon says:

    import static java.util.Comparator.comparing;
    import static java.util.Comparator.reverseOrder;

    Map count = new HashMap();
    s.toLowerCase().chars().forEach(i -> count.merge((char)i, 1, Integer::sum));

    .sorted(comparing(Entry::getValue, reverseOrder()))
    .forEach(e -> e.setValue(e.getValue() * x–));

    System.out.println(count.values().stream().mapToInt(i -> i).sum());

  2. Interesting code. Less verbose. Thanks.

  3. Simon says:

    Got to try to stick up for Java, but getting there is a nightmare:
    it’s a major pain in the ass to get type inference to accept what you want to do.
    Also, I knows there are bugs fixed in 8u20, but haven’t been fixed in the Eclipse compiler yet.

  4. jgomo3 says:

    Where is the python code?

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