statlearning class

This will be very useful for people like me who want to apply this to Capacity Planning

Rob Tibshirani and I are offering a MOOC in January on Statistical Learning.
This “massive open online course" is free, and is based entirely on our new book
“An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R”
(James, Witten, Hastie, Tibshirani 2013, Springer).
The pdf of the book will also be free.

The course, hosted on Open edX, consists of video lecture segments, quizzes, video R sessions, interviews with famous statisticians,
lecture notes, and more. The course starts on January 22 and runs for 10 weeks.

Please consult the course webpage to enroll and for for further details.
Trevor Hastie
Professor, Department of Statistics, Stanford University
Phone: (650) 725-2231 Fax: (650) 725-8977
address: room 104, Department of Statistics, Sequoia Hall
390 Serra Mall, Stanford University, CA 94305-4065

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