Ethical Hacking and Information Security Workshop

Hosted by the IEEE Student Branch of MIT(Feb. 29 2012 and Mar. 1 2012

Virscent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in association with IIT-Kharagpur E-Cell is proud to present D_Code – the Ethical Hacking Workshop. The course focuses on giving hands on training to all the participants in the field of Ethical Hacking.
The modules of the workshop are:

  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  2. Cyber Forensics
  3. Web Based Email Attacks & Security
  4. Windows OS Hacks
  5. Understanding Malware Working & Detection
  6. Networking Attacks & Security
  7. Wi-Fi Attacks & Security
  8. Web Server Attacks & Security
  9. Hacking Using Google
  10. Software Reverse Engineering
  11. VOIP & Mobile Hacking

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