Mock tests for JMX

There is not much scope for this blog if code is posted without explanation but I can explain only what I understand. There is magic going on behind this code.

I had to write mocks for some JMX classes for a project that I could not convince the management to use. JMX is a useful toolkit to monitor complex pipelines of processes and is integral to DevOps. So firms that want to leverage this idea should think differently.

Does it seem logical ?

This argument fell flat on its face.

This code mocks “ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer()” and in doing so I exercised EasyMock. It is not easy to mock statics but these EasyMock annotations help. So I am able to set the expectations and make the Platform Bean Server return a mock of the MBeanServer. This is very useful because now I can register MBeans and write more mock tests.

@PowerMockIgnore(value = {"*"})
public class MBeanQueryTestCase  extends MonitorTestCase {

    private MBeanServer mBeanServerMock;

    private final String CLASSNAME = this.getClass().getName();

    public void setUp() throws Exception {
        expect( ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer() ).
                                    andReturn( EasyMock.createMock(MBeanServer.class) );

        mBeanServerMock = ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer();


Mock testing is another useful toolkit in the arsenal of a hardy developer but that is another idea that fell flat on its face.

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