Technical Tidbits

  1. Microsoft and IBM researchers Ramachandran Ramjee and Shivkumar Kalyanaraman in Bangalore have figured in this year’s ACM Distinguished Scientists list. .
  2. Concurrency is a hot topic and this website 1024cores was advertised in the Java concurrency list recently.

I hope that this last post of 2010 will bode well for my technical career in the next year. Happy New Year.

Viewing Graphs

Some tools are simple and easy to use but very helpful. One such old tool is Graphviz which helped us quickly visualize the folder structures.

I could generate a pleasing graph from this simple data representation using Gvedit that is part of the download.

digraph Folders1 {
size ="1,1";
FinancialInstution [shape=box,style=filled,color=".7 .3 1.0"];
Project -> FinancialInstution [style=dotted]
FinancialInstution -> scheme -> files
files -> TYPE_OF_FILE -> MasterCard

This is the simple graph.