Process tailoring

After my quest to understand software engineering and processes and UML started I have read so many books. I came across technical terms like XP, RUP, TDD, MDD, MDA and UML. The latest is DSL. There are comparisons of Evo, RUP, XP and SCRUM with each other.

Process engineering seems to be a black art. Eventhough Incremental and iterative development is something I like very much, Offshore development centers don’t leave much to choice. How do you adopt true IID ? How do you convince your manager ?

I read a book by Kent Beck that explains XP but before I could use it practically I read
“The irony of Extreme Programming” by Matt Stephens and Doug Rosenberg in the May 2004 issue of Dr. Dobb’s Journal.

The article states that “XP consists of 12 highly interdependent practices. However, each
individual practice does not stand up on its own. Each relies on at least one other practice”

I recently sent a message to the XP mailing list to understand this interdependency. Somebody there asked me to read “XP Explained” by Kent Beck. Oh ! Well.

You can read the thread here

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