Polyglot programming using Jenkins

jenkins Facility for languages develops when one does not squander existing opportunities to code. That is what I think.

Jenkins, the CI enabler supports a few languages like Python and Groovy. The Python package I used to make the Rest API calls is ‘Python Jenkins’.It is interesting to note that run_script executes Groovy code.

I didn’t test it exactly when the Unix server runs out of disk space but assumed the text from the console output will match.Moreover the encryption routine works as expected but the decryption function doesn’t work. It seems that since I call the Rest API there could be a encryption/decryption key mismatch.

Created on Oct 12, 2016

@author: Mohan Radhakrishnan

This python module gets the console output of the latest
build and if the text 'No space left on device' is found in
the output it sends a mail.
I've taken liberties with the 'functional paradigm'

import smtplib
import jenkins
import os
def main():


server = jenkins.Jenkins('http://localhost:8080', username='Mohan', password='Welcome1')


def notifydisaster( server ):
print( getconsoleoutput(server) )
name,buildnumber,consoleoutput = getconsoleoutput(server)
if (consoleoutput.find("Caused by: java.io.IOException: No space left on device") != -1):
print("Caused by: java.io.IOException: No space left on device")
sendmail( name,buildnumber )

Password Encryption/decryption code has to be tested and used
def sendmail(name,buildnumber):
smtp = smtplib.SMTP('smtp.gmail.com', 587)
smtp.sendmail('x.y@z.com', 'x.y@z.com', 'Subject: No space left on device\n \
Job ' + name + ' Build ' + str(buildnumber) + ' fails due to lack of disk space')

Get the console output of the particular
Job's build
def getconsoleoutput(server):
information = getJobName(server)
if information:
return information[ 0 ]['name'] ,getlastjobDetails(server),server.get_build_console_output(information[ 0 ]['name'], getlastjobDetails(server))

Get Job and other details
and filter the Job we are interested in
def getJobName(server):
jobs = server.get_all_jobs(0)
filtercriterion = ['CITestPipeline']

return list(filter( lambda d: d['fullname'] in filtercriterion, jobs))

Get Job and other details
Return '0' as the build number assuming
it signifies that there is no such build number

def getlastjobDetails(server):
information = getJobName(server)
if information:
last_build_number = server.get_job_info(information[ 0 ]['name'])['lastCompletedBuild']['number']
return last_build_number
return 0

Attempt here to encrypt Passwords using Jenkins' key
Not tested properly
def encrypt(server ):
value = server.run_script("""
secret = hudson.util.Secret.fromString("Password")
println secret.getEncryptedValue()
println secret.getPlainText()
print (value)

def decrypt(server ):
decryptedvalue = server.run_script("""
secret = hudson.util.Secret.fromString("aiJREkuBjWHX9UWIyhEzwnnAJReuZnQVEtUr0KgvXKg")
println hudson.util.Secret.toString(secret)
print (decryptedvalue)
return decryptedvalue
Override this proxy setting as we don't
need it and it causes an error.
def overrideenvironmentvariables():
os.environ["HTTP_PROXY"] = ''

if __name__=="__main__":