Ivan Sutherland’s essay

James Gosling’s blog has a link to an essay written by Ivan Sutherland. It is about courage that technologists need and is surely a souce of inspiration. I personally liked it because some of us in the offshore software business need courage to stay afloat in an industry that does not value software design or innovation or research as much as it values money and software exports.

This essay has this introduction to the author.

In this paper, his spirit and joy are revealed:
I, for one, am and will always remain a practicing technologist. When denied my
minimum daily adult dose of technology, I get grouchy. I believe that technology
is fun, especially when computers are involved, a sort of grand game or puzzle
with ever so neat parts to fit together. I have turned down several lucrative administrative
jobs because they would deny me that fun. If the technology you do isn’t
fun for you, you may wish to seek other employment. Without the fun, none of us
would go on.