Find theme in Portal using JACL

This is the WebSphere Portal script that we use to check if a particular page has the proper theme or not.

There is also a script to apply a theme to a page. We use XMLAccess to apply the theme but I think a JACL script can also do that.

Check what theme has been applied to a particular Portal page using JACL :

sh -user portaluser -password portalpassword

WASX7209I: Connected to process "WebSphere_Portal" on node Node1 using SOAP
connector; The type of process is: ManagedProcess

WASX7029I: For help, enter: "$Help help"

wsadmin>$Portal login portaluser portalpassword

logged in as "uid=uid,cn=users,dc=company,dc=com"

wsadmin>$Content find page uniquename "wps.My Portal" select

wsadmin>$Content get 6_F0QPNQO200SAD02178PJP91042 themename

So AppliedThemeName is the theme applied to wps.My Portal

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