Where is the deployed EAR ?

Offshore software development is very stressful. There is usually a client manager who wants something and a software lead who thinks that the manager is foolish. Recently I heard this conversation between the lead and the manager.

Manager : I want you to deploy the new EAR.

Lead : I don’t have any problem with that but you should know that it is not tested.

Manager : So you have the backup of the previous EAR ? If anything goes wrong we can deploy the backed-up EAR.

Lead : No. We don’t have that.

Manager : This is ridiculous. You are saying that the EAR is deployed but you don’t have it.

Lead : I’ve explained this many times. There is no EAR in the deployed location.

Manager : I don’t understand. Where is the previous EAR ?

At this point the software lead loses his temper.

hmmmm. There is no EAR in the deployed location in WebSphere ??

What is this command supposed to do ? It is the backup or atleast the previous EAR.

$AdminApp export FacesPortletTracker_PA_m3pfnqy C:/test/FacesPortletTracker.ear